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NC-SARA Data Reporting Handbook 2019   -  Revised as of April 1, 2019. 

Page 21 – Frequently asked Questions:  Out-of-State Learning Placements; Question #6.  Added text “but with different CIP codes” in first sentence to read: "Count each student learning placement. If a student has multiple placements in the same state, but with different CIP codes, count each placement."


Sample Placement Reporting Matrix - to aid in reporting Out-of-State Learning Placements


Data Reporting Webcast 2019:

2019 Data Reporting Webcast Recording Download

2019 Data Reporting Webcast Slides

2019 Data Reporting Webcast Q&A




NC-SARA Enrollment and Out-of-State Learning Placements Reports Webinar November 14, 2018

This webcast was co-presented by NC-SARA and WCET-SAN (State Authorization Network) and was a wonderful opportunity to hear from both NC-SARA staff on the data reports and from institutional staff on the questions and comments they have on data reporting. Presenters: Marianne Boeke, Associate Director for Policy Research and State Support, NC-SARA and Terri Taylor-Straut, Higher Education Consultant. Moderator: Cheryl Dowd, Director, WCET-SAN & Cyber Fellow, WICHE. 


 NC-SARA Reporting Webinar Presentation Slides

NC-SARA Data Reporting Webinar April 4, 2018

NC-SARA Data Reporting Webinar Questions and Answers April 4, 2018

2018 Data Sharing Agreement

2018 Data Reporting Guide

2018 Placement Reporting Guide

2018 Sample Placement Reporting Matrix


Notes and Analysis

NC-SARA 2017-2018 Out-Of-State Learning Placements Reporting

NC-SARA 2017-2018 Enrollments Reporting

NC-SARA 2016-2017 Enrollments Reporting

NC-SARA 2015-2016 Inaugural Enrollments Reporting