SARA and the U.S. Government

Does the federal government operate or control SARA?

No, SARA is a voluntary initiative funded by Lumina Foundation during its startup phase and by user fees from participating institutions thereafter. SARA has its own board called the National Council for SARA.

Will the U.S. Department of Education recognize home-state authorization under SARA as meeting federal “state authorization” requirements for distance education programs offering courses in multiple states?

SARA staff have been advised that the Department of Education will embrace this approach. Institutions will still need to get separate authorization in non-SARA states.

If a college offers online courses to federal employees at a military base, are those offerings covered by SARA, assuming both states are members?

Yes, SARA covers federal employees and dependents at a military base if the courses are online or delivered by some other distance education means, but does not allow opening such offerings to the general public under SARA. SARA does not have any effect on state laws respecting operation of on-ground instruction on a military or other federal installation. NCS 3(9).

Does SARA include similar coverage for other federal facilities or just military bases?

Only military bases.