Spring 2017 NC-SARA Enrollment Data Reporting Guide and Data Sharing Agreement

The NC-SARA 2017 Enrollment Data Reporting period will run from May 22 - June 14, 2017.  All SARA institutions are required to participate in enrollment reporting.  A link will to an institution-specific web form will be sent to all active institution contacts on or around May 22nd.  We encourage you to decide which person will be responsible for reporting and submitting your institution's information.  


Please see the following links for the Spring 2017 NC-SARA Enrollment Data Reporting Guide and Data Sharing Agreement.


The Enrollment Data Reporting Guide provides guidance to SARA-participating institutions about how to submit institutional enrollment data to NC-SARA. Please read the entire Guide before submitting your data or emailing regarding a question.  http://www.nc-sara.org/files/docs/SARA_Spring_2017_DataGuide_Legal_Final.pdf


The Data Sharing Agreement reviews the purpose, authority, parties and terms of the agreement between NC-SARA and institutions participating in SARA.  Please read this document in its entirety.  http://www.nc-sara.org/files/docs/NC-SARA_Spring_2017_DSA_FINAL.pdf  Your approval of this agreement is incorporated into your enrollment report.


Please email data@nc-sara.org directly for any questions not resolved by your state’s SARA entity here or the Regional Directors.


Regional SARA Directors

Sandy Doran - Director, NEBHE



Jenny Parks - Director, MHEC



Mary Larson - Director, SREB



John Lopez - Director, WICHE




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