NC-SARA Steering Committees


Gretchen Bartelson

Dean, Center for Teaching and Learning

Stephanie Davidson

Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs

Kathleen Fimple

Academic Programs Officer

Chris Foley

Senior Associate, Proprietary School Certification

Morna Foy


Shellie Haut

Executive Director, Licensure, Regulatory Services and Human Capital

Robin Hemenway

Director of Accreditation and Compliance

Sue Huppert

Chief of External and Governmental Affairs

Mary Kochlefl

Administrative Director for the Center for Teaching Excellence

Mike Michaelis

Assistant Director, Virtual College

Nkechi Onwuameze

Assistant Director for Academic Affairs

Jerry Rostad

Assistant CIO for Academic Services and Special Projects

Ken Sauer

Senior Associate Commissioner and Chief Academic Officer

Betsy Talbot

Manager, Institutional Licensing and Registration

Laura Vedenhaupt

Senior Associate, Proprietary School Certification

NEBHE (N-SARA) Members

Carol Anderson


Yvette Clark

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

William Clements

Vice President and Dean, College of Graduate and Continuing Studies

Sara Cowall

Director of Grants and Special Projects

Glenn Cummings


Jane McBride Gates

Provost and SVP for Academic and Student Affairs

Ed Klonoski (Chair)


Angel Loredo (Vice-Chair)

Higher Education Specialist

Constantia Papanikolaou

Chief Legal Counsel

Cynthia Parker

Dean, College of Online Education

Patricia Plummer

Senior Advisor - Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and International Relations

Eric Sakai

Dean of Academic Technology

Eric Taylor

Director, Office of Licensure

Michael Thomas (Ex-officio)

President/CEO, New England Board of Higher Education

SREB (S-SARA) Members

Clay Barton

Licensing Program Coordinator, Postsecondary Institution Licensing, Academic Affairs

Alana Boles

Program Director of Private Career and Out-of-State Education

Morgan Champion

Director, Postsecondary Reciprocal Distance Education

Darlene Derricott

Director of Academic Services

LeAnn Detillier

Assistant Commissioner for Program Administration

Menia Dykes

Director of Accreditation, Office of Academic and Student Affairs

Robert Keown (10/2017-10/2020)

Executive Director, Georgia Virtual Technical Connection

Michael J. Kiphart

Director of Academic Affairs

Patricia Landis

Division Chief

Angela Lee (Chair 11/2018 - 11/2020)

Executive Director, Higher Education Licensure Commission, Postsecondary Education

Sarah Levy

Director of Postsecondary Licensing

Camille McKayle

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Shana Payne

Director, Higher Education Office

Rex C. Peebles

Assistant Commissioner, Academic Quality and Workforce

Corinna M. Robinson

Executive Director

Elise Scanlon


Terrence R. Scarborough (Vice Chair 11/2018 - 11/2020)

Director of SARA-NC, UNC-General Administration

Teri Spence

Director of Office of Compliance and Contracts

Sharon Spencer

Assistant Vice Provost for Compliance and Reporting

Mark Stotler

Director of Academic Programming West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission

Tim Vick

Director of Operations and Fiscal Services

Kris Williams, Ph.D.


Julie Woodruff

Assistant Executive Director of Postsecondary School Authorization and Lead Attorney

WICHE (W-SARA) Members

Alicia Armijo

New Mexico SARA Coordinator

Larry Buchholtz

Fiscal Operations Team Manager

Renée Davis

Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of Student Affairs

Heather DeLange

Academic Policy Officer

Lanna Dueck

Executive Director

Veronica Dujon

Director of Academic Planning and Policy

Valerie "Val" Fenske

Private Postsecondary and Proprietary School Coordinator

Cynthia "Cyd" Grua

Director of Instructional Technology

Katie Hubbart

Academic Affairs Specialist, South Dakota SARA Coordinator

Kierke Kussart

Program Coordinator, Institutional Authorization

Sam Loftin

Associate Director of Consumer Protection

Bobbi Lum-Mew

Program Administrator

Joseph "Joe" Thiel

Director of Academic Policy and Research