Process for institutions to participate in SARA

After a state joins SARA and has established its state portal entity to perform its SARA duties, accredited degree-granting institutions offering distance education courses can seek approval from their home states. The institutional process starts with the SARA application. Institutions applying to operate under SARA must submit this application to its home state portal entity. (Click here for State Portal contacts.)


Once the institution application has been approved by home state portal entity, NC-SARA, the regional compact, and the institution will be notified of the approval. The State Portal will send the institution a link to the NC-SARA payment form to finalize participation in SARA. Item 12 on the application details annual SARA institutional fees; these are based on most recent reported IPEDS numbers:


•    $2,000/year for institutions with fewer than 2,500 FTE students
•    $4,000/year for institutions between 2,500-9,999 FTE students
•    $6,000/year for institutions with 10,000 or more FTE students


Payment details are included in the online registration form. Payments are accepted by credit card or check. Note: an invoice will be generated during the payment registration process. Institutions requiring a W-9 can access the file by clicking here.


Checks should be payable to: NC-SARA and mailed to: NC-SARA, 3005 Center Green Drive, Suite 130, Boulder, Colorado 80301. Checks received prior to SPA approval will be returned and checks made payable to any payee other than the above will cause a delay in finalization of institutional participation.


Credit card payments are part of the online process. Cards accepted: VISA and MasterCard.


Once payment is received, the institution is officially participating in SARA and will be listed on the site. Institutions will also receive a welcome letter from NC-SARA with instructions for access to approved SARA institution logos.