Renewal process for institutions

1. Eligibility
Institutions previously approved by their home state portal agency as SARA participating institutions are eligible for renewal. During the review process portal agencies may pay particular attention to institutions operating under provisional admission (Section 3(2)).  

2. Process
State portal agencies shall review institutional renewal applications to confirm the institution's past compliance with SARA policies and standards and affirm its willingness and ability for continued future compliance. The following steps provide general guidelines that will govern the renewal process.  

  1. NC-SARA provides to institutions a notice of upcoming renewal no later than 90 days prior to the institutional renewal date. The portal agency is also notified of the institutional renewal notice.

  2. The chief executive officer or chief academic officer of the institution completes and submits the application to the state portal agency within 30 days of receipt of such notice. 

  3. The portal agency shall review the application, approve, deny or return the application for additional information, render a decision and notify the institution and NC-SARA no later than 30 days after receipt. State portal agencies have the option of charging institutions applying to participate in SARA a fee to cover the state's costs in administering SARA.  

  4. Upon notice of an approved renewal application, the institution shall submit the renewal fee to NC-SARA within 30 days. A 30-day grace period beyond the institutional renewal date may be granted upon request; however, if renewal is not complete after 30-day grace period, a late fee of 25% of the institution's renewal fee is applied and SARA status is indicated as "Pending Renewal" on the NC-SARA website. Institutions not fully complying with all renewal processes and procedures within five business days after expiration of 30-day grace period will no longer be listed as participating SARA institutions.

  5. If institutional membership renewal is denied, the portal agency will provide to the applicant institution a written reason for the denial. The institution may appeal the denial of its renewal application to its regional compact to ensure SARA policies and standards were upheld during the review process.  

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