SARA Institution Seal of Participation

SARA Institution Seal of Participation


SARA Institution Seal of Participation
Institutions are encouraged to use the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA) Institution Seal of Participation as a simple way to inform students of participation in SARA. The seal is available in two versions: one with a light background and the other with a dark background.


Because the seal is an official symbol of SARA, the following language must always be used with the SARA Institution Seal of Participation:

          (Name of institution) participates in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.

There are several additional guidelines for using the seal:

  • The seal may not be manipulated, modified, or appended in any way. 
  • The seal may not be combined with any other text, image, or other organization’s logo. 
  • The colors in the seal may not be modified beyond the two versions that are available (light background and dark background). 
  • To maintain appropriate visual quality, the seal may not be reproduced in print in a size smaller than one square inch, and the resolution must be a minimum of 120 pixels when the seal is presented as a digital image.

Suggestions for placement of the seal:

Many institutions place the seal on their website homepage and / or on a distance education webpage. The seal is also frequently included in other institution marketing materials, both print and digital. 

Note: SARA-Participating institutions may also link to on their website and in other digital materials.